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TKO Crypto Soars, Enters Top Gainers for February 2024



Ilustrasi TKO Token yang terdaftar resmi Bappebti. Sumber: TKO Foundation.

Toko Token (TKO) saw a stellar performance in February 2024, climbing to the ranks of the top gainers, according to CryptoRank. This significant rise marks a major milestone for the project and bolsters investor confidence.

TKO’s monthly returns (USD) for February 2024 revealed an impressive 63.5% increase, showcasing the token’s potential and the project’s substantial development. Over 30 days, TKO’s price surged 54%, reaching a peak of $0.578 from a low of $0.322.

This positive trend extends further, with TKO experiencing a 85.2% increase over the past three months, with its highest value at $0.578 and its lowest at $0.244. Looking at the last six months, TKO’s growth is even more remarkable, with a 122.6% increase. Its peak price reached $0.578, while its lowest value was $0.202.

New TKO Whitepaper Unveils Ambitious Roadmap

On January 31, 2024, Toko Token released version 4.0 of its whitepaper, outlining several innovations and an updated roadmap focused on driving crypto adoption in Indonesia and delivering benefits to TKO holders.

A fundamental change is the establishment of the TKO Foundation, a significant step towards securing the token’s future and expanding its utility. The foundation introduces a new roadmap and a dedicated management team, reflecting their commitment to TKO’s development.


TKO Foundation Ushers in New Era

The TKO Foundation marks a new chapter for Toko Token. The foundation reaffirms Tokocrypto’s commitment to compliance and transparency by prioritizing adaptation to market dynamics and regulations. This strengthens TKO’s market position and opens doors to new initiatives that benefit token holders.

The V4.0 whitepaper acknowledges the challenges and opportunities within the Indonesian crypto market, including regulatory considerations and the need for public education, demonstrating the TKO Foundation and Tokocrypto’s deep understanding of the ecosystem.

Ilustrasi TKO Token yang terdaftar resmi Bappebti. Sumber: TKO Foundation.
Illustration of TKO Token . Source: TKO Foundation.

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Roadmap Focuses on Growth and Innovation

The latest roadmap outlined in the whitepaper emphasizes local and global partnerships, including collaborations with banks and e-commerce platforms, alongside developing products like Tokocrypto Lite and Tokocrypto Card, all aimed at expanding TKO adoption and usage.


A primary focus lies in implementing a new TKO Burn mechanism designed to increase value for token holders by reducing the circulating supply. This initiative underscores Tokocrypto’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

TKO’s remarkable rise in February 2024, coupled with the strategic initiatives outlined in the V4.0 whitepaper, paints a promising future for Toko Token, solidifying its position as a key player within the cryptocurrency landscape, particularly in Indonesia.

For more details about the V4.0 TKO whitepaper, please refer to the official Tkotoken website. Additionally, you can track TKO’s price performance on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CryptoRank.